Beck Wheeler: A Great Example

Beck Wheeler: A Great Example

The term “scarred for life” has a far different meaning to Beck Wheeler than the colloquial expression it is typically used for.


It has a literal meaning to him that sucked away a lot of his promise the same day he was sucked under a boat. And, all he wanted to do was cool off.


Out in an ocean bay near his home in San Diego not long after graduating from St. Augustine High School, Wheeler was with a group of friends doing what most recent grads do – goofing off, having fun, enjoying life and living in the moment.


Wheeler jumped in to the bay for one final dip in the Pacific as the sun started to go down. With the music on the boat louder than his shouts, no one heard Wheeler scream when the boat’s driver fired up the engines. No one had thought to look when Wheeler couldn’t pull down the boat’s ladder.


The boat flew into reverse and Wheeler was sucked under, his right leg first hitting the propeller and then his left.

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