Bryce Miller: A Great Example

Bryce Miller: A Great Example

No matter if it is in the pool, on the court, or in the classroom, Bryce Miller strives to be a great example.

Miller – a sophomore utility for the men’s water polo team - majors in financial mathematics and statistics. Bryce has proven that he is someone to look up to in both academics and athletics.

Miller entered UCSB not knowing what major to pursue. However, teammate Teddy “Panda” Zhang offered guidance and suggested to look into financial mathematics and statistics. It was the perfect fit for Bryce, as he has always had an interested in mathematics.

“I’ve always been a math guy,” said Miller. “I would much rather do hours of math homework than write a paper.”

Now, he has found himself offering advice to his teammates. As one of the older members on the team, Miller does his best to steer his teammates in the right direction.

“I talk to the younger guys and to make sure they feel comfortable around campus and at practice,” explained Miller. “I hope they know they can use me as a resource for anything.”

Miller talks the talk and walks the walk. With a cumulative grade point average of 3.59, Miller’s commitment to academics has paid off. He is proud of his grades and makes it a point to do his best in all his classes.

“I always do my studying as best as I can and try to keep my grades up.” Bryce said, “I want to keep my GPA high because it is something I pride myself on.”

His motivation for success does not only apply in class, but also on all other aspects of his life. Miller does his best in everything he tries. So what exactly drives his motivation to excel at everything that faces him?

Bryce answered the question, “I want to get the most out of everything I possibly can.”

It is with such a mindset that Miller went on to play for two sports last year. In addition to playing for the men’s water polo team, he accepted the invitation to play for the Gaucho’s men’s volleyball team.

With so much on his plate, Bryce found that balancing his time is a key factor to success. Being a student-athlete is time consuming and being a dual athlete takes up even more time.

“Being a dual-sport athlete takes a lot of time management: knowing when you have to do your work, when you have to do your sport and when to have fun.” Miller said, “You have to plan out your weekly schedule.”

Can the Gauchos expect Miller to be a dual athlete again this year? Nothing is set in stone for his volleyball career at UCSB. Miller leaves a mystery of whether he will be returning for another year. Still, it is definitely an option worth consideration. The men’s volleyball team provided a great experience and he acknowledged that the team looks strong this year.

“I know they’ve done pretty well their scrimmage games this quarter and it is definitely intriguing to join the team again.”

Regardless if Bryce returns to the volleyball court, the Gauchos can expect big things out of Miller. He is a mentor and inspiration to all of his teammates in and out of the pool.