About the Program

  • Students get rewarded for their attendance at UCSB sporting events, the more you attend, the more you can win!
  • Sign up and get your free Official 2013 Gameday Shirt from UCSB Athletics
  • Compete with other students to top the leaderboard and become the Ultimate Gaucho Fan!

How To Win

  • Be the top 5 in total points on the leaderboard at the end of each quarter and get free gear!
  • Get giveaways prior to specified games for Loco Rewards members only.
  • Bonus Rewards: Raffles for huge prizes during games in which winners will be selected at random from ALL Loco Rewards Members (members must be present to win).


  • Only valid UCSB Students (as determined by the registrar’s office) are eligible to participate in the program.
  • Only students who have registered and paid the membership fee through their BARC account will be eligible for prizes.
  • Members may only win one Bonus Reward per quarter.
  • The UCSB Athletics Department holds full discretion in determining point values and eligibility for events. Point values are subject to change.
  • UCSB Athletics employees as well as Student-Athletes are eligible to participate and can earn points any event they attend in which their attendance was not required.


  • How do I sign up? Students can become members online or at the student entrance prior to the game. The one-time mebership fee is conveniently charged to your BARC account.
  • How do I earn points? Points are awarded for attendance at UCSB Athletics Events. Check-in on the UCSB Gauchos Application to receive points for your attendance.
  • Who can become a member? Loco Rewards are exclusive to UCSB students. Anyone with a valid UCSB Access Card and Perm number are eligible to become members.
  • What events can I get points at? All UCSB Athletics home events are an opportunity to earn points unless otherwise specified. Any other eligible upcoming events will be posted online.
  • Are points given for attendance at away games? Points are only given for UCSB home games unless otherwise stated by the Athletics Department.
  • When/Where do I get my rewards? All rewards can be picked up from 9am-4pm in the Marketing Suite inside the ICA Building on campus. If you questions please contact us at marketing@athletics.ucsb.edu.
  • Is there a discount for enrolling in Winter/Spring? The one-time membership fee of $30 is constant. The program is designed to give equal opportunity to win regardless of the member’s registration date with point resets at the end of every quarter.
  • Can I share/trade my points? You may not share/trade points. All points must be earned by the member to whom they are attributed.
  • What if I misplace my Student I.D.? Replacement ID’s can be purchased on the 2nd floor of the UCEN.
  • How do I get points for attending an event? Points are awarded for checking-in on the UCSB Gauchos Application, available in the Apple & Android App Markets.

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