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The Up, Up,and Olé podcast showcases athletes and coaches on a weekly basis as we dive into the the personalities of UC Santa Barbara athletics. Hosted by Max Kelton, Up, Up, and Olé details the most recent UCSB sporting results, takes you into the mind of some of the most prominent faces in UCSB sports, and gives you the inside scoop on what to expect in the coming weeks for all UCSB Division I teams.

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Episode 1- Are We Rillie Doing This?: UCSB Men's Basketball Associate Head Coach, John Rillie stops by to talk incoming Gauchos, Gonzaga, and balling up at the UCSB Rec. Center.

Episode 2- Fergalicious: Coach Donegal Fergus jumps on the pod to talk ideal recruits, the switch from PAC-12 to Big West competition, and what it's like to live in Isla Vista.

Episode 3- Every Chip Begins With Kay: Coach Serela Kay and Kate Coski make an appearance on the pod to talk about their competitive mentality, senior leadership, and giving back to the local community.