Cassandra Mai 

Class of 2013

"When I started as a Marketing and Branding Intern at UCSB Athletics, I was very timid. As the season started, Rich assigned me to work on a Video Board Banner which required me to do Photoshop. He saw that I had a quick understanding of the program and assigned me to do more graphic design projects. I loved Photoshop and stayed extra hours with Rich just to learn more. I soon became more confident in myself and my work and interacted more with my team. My hard work was recognized when I was voted the Intern of the Year by my peers. Soon after, I was promoted to a managing position by Rich. I was able to prove myself even further to both Rich and my team when Rich fell sick and left a Harder Stadium Branding Project for me to finish. I had to design, approve, send to produce, and hang up over 30 banners. With the help of other interns and facilities staff, I was able to finish Harder Stadium in time for the first game. UCSB Athletics helped me realize my true potential. 

Not only did I learn graphic design, but I also learned marketing, advertising, and business skills. The competitive environment pushed me to work harder and helped me develop a strong work ethic. I definitely would not be where I am now if it was not for this program and Rich Loza. He is an amazing Mentor in business and in life and Gaucho Sports Marketing has a strong internship program that allows one to realize their potential, grow, and excel in any other job in the future. The time I spent working for him and UCSB Athletics was the best 2 years of my college experience. I learned and grew more in those two years than ever before, and I could not be more thankful."


Pierce Hannah

Class of 2013

"The UCSB Intercollegiate Athletics Marketing Program served as a
launchpad for me to pursue a career in marketing and advertising. The
program was instrumental in teaching me how to work with others in a
collaborative environment in order to produce ads in a variety of
formats. The program also serves as a model of how one should expect to
work in a business environment. After spending a year in the program, I
had a very smooth transition into a Production Coordinator role at an
Advertising Agency in Los Angeles."



Daryl Vales

Class of 2012

"Three years as an intern in the Gaucho Sports Marketing program has given me the opportunity to build my my professional network and to gain the necessary tools for me to succeed in my professional life after college. The competitive yet supportive nature of the internship brought the best out of the interns who took advantage of the projects made available to them. Under the mentorship of the Director of Marketing, I earned the opportunity to take on a leadership role and help on several projects. The hands-on experience that I gained, from developing and executing marketing projects to running a business, helped me build a portfolio that I can proudly present to any potential employer. I can honestly say that my journey as an intern with Gaucho Sports Marketing was one of the top highlights of my time at UCSB. I graduated with the confidence to pursue whatever career path I decided on and lifelong relationships with my fellow interns and the athletics administration staff. 

The mentoring and professional experience you stand to gain by joining Gacuho Sports Marketing will prove to be invaluable for your future endeavors. Because of this program, I was able to intern with the Los Angeles Lakers in the Corporate Partnerships Department. This program has made me well-equipped to handle any situation thrown my way because it encompasses so many aspects of sports marketing."


Anthony Fernandez

Class of 2012

"After interning with UCSB Athletics for three years, I was able to have a smooth transition into a career in advertising. My time in the Athletics Dept. taught me about design, maintaining brand identity, collaborating with others and going through the creative process. These are all aspects of advertising that I use on a daily basis while working on the Carl's Jr. and Hardee's brands as Digital Content Coordinator for 72andSunny."



Christina DePippo

Class of 2010

"With my passion for sports and strong interest in Gaucho athletics, I interviewed for the Gaucho Sports Marketing Internship, and a week later began working as a marketing intern for the merchandising team. My year-long internship taught me the key aspects of sales and marketing, how to work in a fast-paced environment, how to provide top-notch service to all fans, and experience the amount of time and effort that went into every game. Learning this ultimately helped me land my first position at Anschutz Entertainment Group in 2010, working part-time in the Inside Sales program. After three months I was promoted to an Account Executive, and a year and a half later promoted to a Sr. Account Executive. Currently I am Manager of Inside Sales, while continuing to sell and focus on many accounts. For every Kings, Lakers, or Clippers game I work, I always remember every UCSB soccer, basketball, and baseball game I worked at and am extremely grateful for the opportunity I had with the Gaucho Sports Marketing team. 

The internship and leadership from Rich Loza and team has truly attributed to my success and I am proud to say I was a part of such an amazing program. I would highly recommend the internship to anyone interested in pursuing a career in the sports industry."