'That Winning Culture Will Be Part Of Everything We Do'


Dear Alumni, Parents, Friends and Community:

Those words were at the heart of my vision during that wonderful day I became the new leader of the Gauchos. I firmly believe a winning culture is contiguous. We will win the recruiting battles, the workouts, and in the classroom. The word "winning" will be part of everything we strive for.

First, is winning on the support front. Our footing is solid, however we must provide the resources needed.

These resources will continue to produce quality young men on and off the diamond. With annual support from those who care about Gaucho baseball – every former player, parent, friend and Hammerhead – we will establish this winning culture now.

Today, I am also making a special request to anyone who feels they can become part of a group I will call the "Gaucho Nine." Nine donors at a certain level will play a very important role in our campaign. Please contact me directly if you feel you can be one of the "Gaucho Nine" –Andrew.Checketts@athletics.ucsb.edu.

Every gift will be the backbone to providing resources to win. Your tax-deductable donation to Gaucho baseball can easily be made via the form included or online at ucsbgauchos.com. Thank you.

Again, I'm excited and together we will win the day.

Andrew Checketts

Head Baseball Coach


A Fund for Baseball

UCSB Athletics ties all crucial funding needs into one collective annual effort – the Gaucho Fund. Today is an important day for Gaucho baseball. Competing at the highest level, year in and year out, takes resources. Resources a new coach with a strong vision needs. Resources for young men to win on the field, in the classroom and in everyday of their lives.  The Gaucho Fund sets a financial goal for baseball to provide these resources. Your gift goes directly to support winning in every area for Gaucho baseball.

Example – The NCAA allows a maximum of 11.7 full scholarships for baseball. UCSB is committed to providing the full allotment necessary each year. It's about competing with the best and in baseball, the Big West Conference does.

Living Scholars: A Priceless Connection. That is what Gaucho student-athletes have referred to the Gaucho Fund donors, who at the Living Scholar level ($5,000 and above), have meant to them during their days at UCSB and beyond. 

Save the Date – Dinner/Auction/Golf/Alumni Weekend: Fri/Sat, January 27-28, 2012. Two special days to celebrate Gaucho baseball, past and present, with highly successful past dinners including "A Night with Tommy" with legendary Dodger/Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda and "A Night with an Angel" with Dodger-great and current Angels manager Mike Scioscia. Golf tournament will precede dinner event. 

Campaign for Gaucho Park: The campaign is fully underway to assist the estimated two million dollars plan to provide a plaza entry, ADA restrooms, concessions and ticket windows in addition to field renovations and lights allowing for the playing of night baseball at Caesar Uyseska Stadium. 

Tribute to Pros and Hammerheads – once a donor provides $1,500 and above to support Gaucho baseball (at one time or collectively) and played professional baseball or were one of the infamous students known as "Hammerheads" their name will be displayed within the "Gaucho Park" plaza when completed. It's to honor our legacy and the people who made it special.