Gauchos and La Salle Called Off After Two

Feb. 19, 2011

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The UC Santa Barbara and La Salle baseball teams played in a steady rain for at least a half-hour on Saturday, but when it came time to resume play - when the skies held the precipitation in - the game was suddenly called off.

A short meeting between the umpiring crew and La Salle head coach Mike Lake turned into the cancellation of the game, even though the rain ceased for well over an hour, because head umpire Mel Gatson deemed the field unplayable and dangerous.

The two teams played nearly two full innings before the rain forced a stoppage of play in the bottom of the second inning and the Gauchos leading 7-2. After waiting nearly an hour, the rain stopped and the Gaucho baseball team began working on the field to get it ready to resume play.

"I'm disappointed because our guys worked very hard to get the field in a playable condition," UCSB head coach Bob Brontsema said. "And the field is in better shape now than it was this morning before we started."

Heavy rains on Friday, which cancelled that game, forced the team to get the field ready for an 11:30 am start. The two teams played for one hour, 17 minutes before the rain became too heavy.

Then, when the forecast showed that no rain would come for quite some time - and with no rain coming down - the game was abruptly cancelled. All statistics that the teams piled up - including four RBI and two runs scored for Ryan Palermo - will be washed out.

The two teams will play a doubleheader on Sunday beginning at 11 am.

Fans can listen to the game live online by by clicking here.

Tickets are available at the game, by calling (805) 893-UCSB (8272) or online by clicking here.