Adama Ndiaye Selected To Compete For Senegal's National Team

May 16, 2001

Santa Barbara, Calif. - UC Santa Barbara men's basketball player Adama Ndiaye, a native of Dakar, Senegal, has been selected to play for Senegal's National Team in a series of games against the National Team of Cape Verde.

"I think this will be a very good experience for me," commented Ndiaye. "We have a lot of guys who play in the U.S. and Europe who will come back to play for our National Team. It will be very exciting."

The 6-foot-9 Ndiaye, who fractured the ring finger on his left hand and wound up redshirting in 2000-01, will return as a senior next season. As a junior, he averaged 9.3 points and 7.5 rebounds per game.

"This is an outstanding opportunity for Adama," said UCSB head coach Bob Williams. "Obviously it gives him a chance to represent his country and to play against great competition, but it will also be an opportunity for him to compete in an organized game, something he hasn't done in more than a year. I am very excited for him."

Ndiaye has already departed for Senegal. The series between Senegal and Cape Verde will begin on May 19. The winner of the series will advance to the 16-team African Cup, which will be held this Summer and the top two teams in that tourney will qualify for the 2004 Olympics in Athens.