Chris Devine Sidelined Following Knee Surgery

Chris Devine Sidelined Following Knee Surgery

Oct. 19, 2004

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - UC Santa Barbara redshirt freshman forward Chris Devine will be sidelined for approximately three months after successful surgery to repair an osteochondritis dissecans condition in his left knee, Gaucho head coach Bob Williams announced today.

"We will miss Chris a great deal over the next three months," Williams began, "but in the long run the surgery will do him great benefit. We look forward to his return at some point this season."

Devine, an athletic 6-foot-8 forward, was expected to be a contributor in his first year of activity after sitting-out the 2003-04 season. A native of Eagle River, Alaska, and a graduate of Chugiak High School, Devine can play either wing or the power forward position.

The Gauchos opened practice last Saturday and will play their first exhibition game on Thursday, November 4, when they host Cal State Los Angeles. The 2004-05 regular season begins on Friday, November 19, when UCSB travels to San Diego State.

Explanation of osteochondritis dissecans:

"Osteochondritis dissecans, is most commonly found in active adolescents or young adults. It results from a loss of blood supply to the area of bone beneath a joint surface; this may be due to a slight blockage of a small artery, an unrecognized injury, or a minuscule fracture that damages the cartilage overlying the joint. The result is avascular necrosis (bone degeneration due to lack of blood supply). Although osteochondritis dissecans most often affects the inner side of the knee at the end of the femur, it may be found in other parts of the knee or other joints as well. As time goes on, the lack of blood causes the affected bone and its cartilage covering to loosen, resulting in pain and possibly severe osteoarthritis."

Marc Darrow, MD, JD
From "The Knee Sourcebook"