Gauchos Win 13 of 14 Singles Matches On Day Two of UCSB Classic

Gauchos Win 13 of 14 Singles Matches On Day Two of UCSB Classic

Santa Barbara, Calif- The second day of the UCSB Classic unfolded in the same manner as the first, with the Gauchos dominating the field, as they captured 13 of 14 singles matches on the day. As a result of this success the final round in all three flights of play (A B & C) will be all Gaucho affairs.

 Due to rain delays the singles finals have been postponed until Monday, 2 p.m. at the Recreation Center courts. In the "A" flight, redshirt freshman Axel Bouillin will square off against junior transfer Mbonisi Ndimande. In the "B" flight junior Alex Johnson will take on freshman Ziad Sultan and in the "C" flight junior Max Glenn will face freshman Mons Knudtzon.
The only blemish on an otherwise perfect day for the UCSB men was dropping a tight match in the finals of the "A" flight doubles by a score of 8-6. Overall the Gauchos went 9-3 in doubles play and 13-1 in singles competition against LMU, Westmont and UC San Diego throughout the tournament.



A Flight Doubles


West/Sousa UCSD def. Forget/Ndimande UCSB 8-6

Bjerke/Bustamante LMU def. Goranson/Cox Westmont 8-2

Bouillin/Johnson UCSB  def. Bernard/Bertram Westmont 8-5

Luu/Jigante UCSD def. Kiyabu/Wilton LMU 8-4


B Flight Doubles


Knudtzon/Sultan UCSB def.Glenn/Gryaznov UCSB 8-2

Ling/Dell UCSDdef. Dickey/Lorentsen West 8-2


A Flight Singles


Mbonisi Ndimande UCSB def. Tim Goranson West 7-5,6-0

Chapman Chan UCSD def. Daniel Simko LMU 6-2,6-2

Austin West UCSD def. Alex Wilton LMU 6-4,6-7(14-12)

Axel Bouillin UCSB def. Brian Cox West 6-2,6-4


Ndimande UCSB def. West UCSD 6-2,6-2

Bouillin UCSB def. Chan UCSD 6-4,7-6


Goranson West def. Wilton LMU 6-4,4-6 (10-8)

Simko LMU def. Cox West 7-6,6-0 (10-8)


B Flight Singles


Robin Kiyabu LMU def. John Bertram West 6-0,2-6 (10-5)

Ziad Sultan UCSB def. Sam Ling UCSD 6-3,6-4

Max Jigante UCSD def. Sasha Gryaznov UCSB 6-1,6-4

Alex Johnson UCSB def. Josh Barnard West 6-3,6-2


Sultan def. Kiyabu 6-1,5-7 (10-4)

Johnson def. Jigante 6-2,6-0


Bertram def. Ling 6-4,6-4

Gryaznov def. Barnard 6-3,6-1


C Flight Singles


Mons Knudtzon UCSB def. Kona Luu UCSD 6-2,6-2

Guy Giubilato UCSD def. Gerrit Dickey West 6-0,6-3

Max Glenn UCSB def. Devon Souza UCSD 4-6,6-2 (10-6)

Trevor Dell UCSD def. Jack Lorentsen West 6-1,6-1


Knudtzon def. Giubilato 6-2,3-6 (10-7)

Glenn def. Dell 6-2,7-6


Luu def. Dickey 6-3,6-3

Souza def. Lorentsen 6-0,6-3

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Nov 12, 2011