Speace's Pieces: Gauchos Prepare to Play the Pac 10 after a Win in Bakersfield.

Sept. 20, 2009

Hello Blogworld! Bleeple I will call you. My blog people. Now that is settled, I will get onto the good stuff, which are fun, interesting things like daily practices, lifting, and moving new freshmen into million story dormitories. Right. Let's get started bleeps.

So we got back from our East Coast circuit on Saturday, and (thank God), were able to take some time off from one another. Do not get me wrong, I love my teammates like La Lohan loves the drama, but we needed some time apart. Paul gave us Sunday and Monday off, and we took advantage of that time by just relaxing, really. The West Coast was polar opposite of the East Coast, and there was a lot of sun to be had, although by looking at me, you would not know it. It is a look I am going for, bleeps, the Nicole Kidman/Anne Hathaway elegant dove-like skin. It takes a lot to get my skin to look so silky white. Moving on.

Our task for the week included just one game versus the Cal State Bakersfield Roadrunners, an away game to be played on Thursday. We got to work right away on Tuesday, beginning with lifting at 10 AM. Jeremy is our conditioning/lifting coach, and if you admire our team's physique, look to him. We look to "tone," as he says it, because if you know girls, phrases like "bulking up," or "getting jacked," are not going to persuade us to pick up those dumbbells. So, well done to him for tricking us into doing massive clean pulls and Russian dead lifts.

If I were to attach a theme to our practices this week, I would say it was competition. Paul devised various sets of drills and games that would pit two equal teams against one another, with stats being recorded throughout the entire day. We had shots, goals, wins and losses recorded, and I do believe that yours truly recorded a hefty amount of goals on the week. Ok, maybe not a team high or anything, but if this were Project Runway, or Top Chef, I would be one of those middle people that perform well enough to stay in the game. That is a loose metaphor, but roll with it. We all enjoyed these practices because we are all competitive girls, and losing never sits well with any of us. Thus, we all tried very hard, and had fun too.

Now, Thursday came, and we set off for the beautiful, picturesque Bakersfield. Now, that is all I will say about the B-field. I do not want to pull a Kanye and say something that will make me look like an idiot, so we will leave it at that. Moving on! The game itself was a good one, and very intense. The B-fielders are very physical, and did not stop competing until the last whistle blew. We scored 2 super nice goals in the first half, one by Jacqui Simon, and the other by T. T's was really good, as it was a breakaway, and those always seems kind of hard to finish. However, finish it she did, and that goal sealed the deal in our quest to turn the Roadrunners into Roadkill!

This week is our foray into the Pac-10, as we play both UCLA and University of Arizona. Wish us luck, Bleeple, and I will see you next time when I give you more of my pieces.