UCSB Women Sweep 100 Breaststroke But Still Fall Short to WSU

UCSB Women Sweep 100 Breaststroke But Still Fall Short to WSU

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - In the 2017-18 season opener, the UC Santa Barbara women's swimming team competed against the women of Washington State University. The UCSB team finished second to the WSU team with a final score of 121-141.

The meet started with the 200 medley relay where the UCSB "A" team (1:44.87) got out-touched with a difference of 0.21 seconds. Tara Middleton (26.63) lead the women in the backstroke leg, followed by Heaven Quintana (29.02) taking the breaststroke leg, Allison Stevens (25.32) in the butterfly leg, and Leanne Sun (24.78) in the freestyle leg. UCSB "B", "C", and "D" teams beat out WSU "B" and "C" teams getting third, fourth, and fifth places.

Rachel Forbes (10:22.87) and Emily Boggess (10:25.57) scored second and third places for their team in the 1000 freestyle.

Catherine Boles (1:54.25), Emily Ward (1:54.54), and Haley Herzberg (1:54.92) swam a very close race finishing with second, fourth, and fifth places in the 200 freestyle.

Elena England (57.96), Tara Middleton (58.08), and Allison Stevens (58.13) racked up 9 points in the 100 backsrtoke by taking second, third, and fourth places.

Gaucho women sweep the 100 breaststroke taking first, second, and third places. Heaven Quintana (1:04.02), Niki Proctor (1:06.59), and An Nguyen (1:07.00) earned their team 16 points.

Maddie Johnson (2:07.23) and Rachel Forbes (2:10.02) take second and fourth in the 200 butterfly.

Lexi Fusari (24.66), Tara Middleton (24.69), and Leanne Sun (24.73) fought for second, third, and fourth places in the 50 freestyle.

Leanne Sun (52.93), Emily Ward (53.39), and Catherine Boles (53.45) place third, fourth, and fifth in the 100 freestyle.

Elena England (2:04.12) and Maddie Johnson (2:11.88) got third and fifth place in the 200 backstroke.

An Nguyen (2:22.02) won her first race of the day in the 200 breaststroke followed by teammate Niki Proctor (2:29.41) placing fourth.

Haley Herzberg (5:03.67), Emily Boggess (5:05.50), and Rachel Forbes (5:08.14) hold their own finishing second, third, and fourth in the 500 freestyle.

Heaven Quintana (54.53) won her second individual event of the day in the 100 butterfly. Followed by teammates Rachel Kulik (57.34) and Gaby Penvenne (58.99) placing third and fourth.

Heaven Quintana (57.10) won her third individual event of the day in the 100 IM. Followed by teammates Allison Stevens (1:00.99) and Tara Middleton (1:01.15) getting third and fifth.

Gauacho women finished out the meet in the 400 freestyle relay with their "A" team (3:31.95) falling short to WSU "A" team (3:29.42).

The Gaucho women will be back at UCSB's Campus Pool next Saturday, October 14 for their Intrasquad and Alumni races.