Katie Ure Joins the Gaucho Bloggers with "Ure Perspective"

Katie Ure Joins the Gaucho Bloggers with

Oct. 2, 2009

Training camp has finally ended and school has begun! With two and a half weeks of hard training, both in and out of the water, the Gauchos have been getting the ultimate workout. Training camp has consisted of sweat, many miles of cycling, a plethora of jokes about Gregg's hairline, and enough practice with jabs, hooks, and uppercuts that you won't be hearing anyone in Isla Vista challenge the swim team to a boxing match.

The Gauchos have been pushing themselves so hard that our new athletic trainer, Kelly, has quickly learned everyone's names as well as our aches and pains. However, while we've all been rigorously racing the pace clock and pushing our bodies to go faster, one of the best and most encouraging parts of training camp is that we all do it together. As Coach Eric reminds us, No matter how much you are hurting, just remember that you are on a team and that the person next to you is experiencing the same pain. What's great about us Gauchos is that although swimming is an individual sport, we all serve as an extremely cohesive and encouraging group who support one another like the family that we are.

With just over one week of school in the bag, the Gauchos have their first swim meet at Campus Pool this Saturday! The intrasquad meet is when we divide our own team evenly into a Blue team and a Gold team and race! Our motto "Gauchos beat Gauchos" plays a perfect role on this day. This is an exciting day to see friends in the stands along with the added support of our parents.

We have a lot more in store for us, both in and out of the pool, and the new freshmen are just getting a taste of what it truly is like to be a Gaucho.

Until next time!