Santi Honored at Golden Eagle Awards

Ali Santi, UCSB Athletics Dir. Mark Massari, Asst. Coach Kolby O'Donnell
Ali Santi, UCSB Athletics Dir. Mark Massari, Asst. Coach Kolby O'Donnell

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – At the 2014 Golden Eagle Awards Banquet, junior Ali Santi was honored for leading both her team and fellow UCSB student-athletes with an exceptional 3.93 GPA. 

"We are extremely proud of Santi for her accomplishments both on and off the court," UCSB Head Coach Nicole Lantagne Welch said. "She is a true student-athlete and her work ethic in all that she does is an inspiration for all of those around her."

The banquet is an annual event that honors eligible UCSB student-athletes with the highest GPA from each team. To qualify for the award, a student-athlete must be at least a second year with a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher. In addition to GPA, citizenship and general integrity are also considered.

In addition to recognizing the Golden Eagle honorees from each program, the awards also include two Ring Winners, which are given to the highest GPA holders among male and female student-athletes.  

"A lot of time is spent recognizing achievements on the court or on the field," Santi said. "So it's really nice to be appreciated for what student-athletes can do inside the classroom."

While her cumulative GPA leads her peers, she also finished both the fall and winter quarters this year with a perfect 4.0. 

You can find the rest of the Golden Eagle Award winners below.

2014 Golden Eagle Award Winners

Jackson Morrow, Baseball, 3.29 GPA, Sr., English
Kyle Boswell, Men's Basketball, 3.81 GPA, Sr., Mechanical Engineering
Maxine Goyette, Women's Cross Country, 3.46 GPA, So., Biology
Bradford Littooy, Men's Cross Country, 3.62 GPA, So., Mechanical Engineering
Victoria Usgaard, Women's Track & Field, 3.45 GPA, So., Chemistry
Sean Johnson, Men's Track & Field, 3.27 GPA, Sr., Philosophy
Hunter Robinson, Men's Golf, 3.29 GPA, Jr., Economics
Alilison Ariniello, Women's Soccer, 3.81, Sr., Cell & Developmental Biology
Adam Carn-Saferstein, Men's Soccer, 3.91 GPA, So., Economics*
Andriana Collins, Softball, 3.68 GPA, Sr., Communications
Christopher Dotson, Men's Swimming, 3.5 GPA, Jr., Economics & Mathematics
Katherine Peanasky, Women's Swimming, 3.7 GPA, Sr., Biochemistry
Paola Cos, Women's Tennis, 3.88 GPA, Sr., Global Studies
Ali Santi, Women's Volleyball, 3.93 GPA, Jr., Feminist Studies*
Jake Staahl, Men's Volleyball, 3.87 GPA, Jr., Computer Science
Samantha Murphy, Women's Water Polo, 3.75 GPA, So., Communications
Matthew Hamilton, Men's Water Polo, 3.81 GPA, So., Mechanical Engineering

*Indicates Golden Eagle Ring Winner for highest GPA among male and female student-athletes.