Ring It On: Women's Volleyball Blog feat. Katie Ring

Aug. 27, 2010

Ooooooooo the glory of life on the road and the privilege of getting to write our team blog for the upcoming season. We our on our way to Berkeley right now to visit the layer of the bear and although I am prone to car sickness I have decided to start this first blog because the amazing Matt Hurst has me on a deadline so I am going to attempt to use this precious time to write. I apologize ahead of time as I will most likely be on the verge of bus sickness and I am not the most talented writer so this first blog might be bumpier than what I am experiencing right now.

This summer has been an eventful one for the girls volleyball team. We have been here for the bulk of summer working out and furthering our educations with summer school, well most of us. I stayed and worked out but opted out of summer school on account that the idea of a week break and school again made me nauseous, and the fact that summer school and the invite to cabo with one of my best friends and ex gaucho volleyballer herself conflicted had nothing to do with it. The couple weeks of just weights and open gyms went way too fast as we came upon the dreaded double days. No one enjoys anything more than starting their week off with morning practice, the hardest weights of the week and evening practice, lets just say our freshies learned the phrases "ice and stem", "ice bath", and/or "whirlpool" within no time. Our freshman have also gained great insight from the more experienced players for example little nuggets of knowledge like when filling the waters you have to fill each bottle all the way up to the rim with ice and then add the water, or great techniques on how to best wipe down the floor so that we don't look like we are the ice capades, you know necessary things like these.

Kathy has thrown in a few nuggets of her own one of my personal favorites being one directed to the two freshman, who so happened to be staying in my "palace" as Kathy calls it. Well if you really know KG you will come to find out that she has a knack for metaling in peoples love lives, and although no love boats are allowed to sail during season, she is still secretly planning on who she is going to set up next or ways to find out what is going on in our love lives. So one day while we are warming up Kathy is interrogating me about my boyfriend, who took her class last quarter and somehow shmoosed his way into her heart, while I try to pretend not to hear her she decides to turn her attention to Kelly and Katey both who are staying with me until they can move into manzi, and says "girls you better not be going into Katie's room you might see her big hunky boyfriend and want him for yourself, we cant have any of that happen you better watch out Katie, Katey Thompson might try and steal him". Nuggets like these are what makes the world go round.

As double days come to a close and preseason begins with our very important game tomorrow night at 7 against the number 11 ranked Cal, our team seems strong and ready for a battle. I like to think of our team as a wolf pack, and when our new additions came I knew they were our own, there were 25 of us the coaches the players our trainer and our weight lifting coaches, and while we lost two wolfs a player and a coach, we have gained two new coaches and 5 new players, and when I was introduced to all these new additions I said to myself wait a minute could it be, and now I know for sure we have 7 new wolves and a strong team, and we are ready to let the dogs out. On a more serious note all of these new additions bring a lot to our team. One of the most significant additions is Jeri, our new assistant coach. Although he is tough, I cant even repeat the nickname Kathy made up for him the other day, I will leave it at "a very powerful man jr." we have all learned a lot from him. Even when I am completely lost in trying to understand one of his annalogies or focusing more on the noise he makes when he is hitting instead of focusing on digging the ball, I still feel like I am learning something. Dan the man is learning and much respect to him cause he puts up with a lot, we love you Dan. Two more additions I have to give a shout out to are Jenya, Jeri's wife who doesn't speak very much english, which isn't that big of a problem because her playing speaks for her, and Colleen or Colin as he is called in practice, although his real name is Cullen, Kathy has decided she can call him whatever she feels like, which he has finally accepted.

Well with all this work we have put in and all the new additions I believe we are ready for our games this weekend and are ready to improve our rankings. Wish us luck, OLE.

Ring... OUT